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Volunteers are the heart and soul of Easy Care Gardening.

Without them we simply could not do the work that we do. No gardening experience is needed to be a volunteer.

If you’re reasonably active and willing to help and have a “can-do” teamwork attitude, then you’re a perfect fit!

You will receive all the necessary training, all expenses are reimbursed, and all tools and materials are provided.

Give Back to Your Community.

When you volunteer with Easy Care Gardening, you will build friendships, develop confidence, get the opportunity to learn new skills and even teach others what you might know. There is an incredible sense of achievement at the end of your shift looking at the amazing difference you’ve made. It’s fun, free, and good for your mind and body. So, help make someone’s day just by weeding, mulching and pruning!

“Why do I volunteer? Because it’s fun! Let’s strip away everything else, it’s a fun day out on a Friday Morning.

If you’re thinking about volunteering for Easy Care Gardening, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it. If you like getting outside, you like meeting new people, you like community service, Easy Care Gardening is what you should do.”

Steve, Volunteer

To become a volunteer:

Simply email volunteering@easycaregardening.org.au or click the enquiry form below.

Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to arrange a meeting, either face to face or online to go through an onboarding process.

We explain things like volunteer and client rights, Workplace Health and Safety, and Privacy and Confidentiality. Due to the nature of our work in Aged Care we also need to conduct a police check on all new volunteers.

New volunteers will then receive on-the-job orientation when they first sign up. We also offer ongoing training opportunities to all our volunteers, at no cost, as they become available.

Email Volunteering@easycaregardening.org.au or complete the enquiry form below.

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Corporate Volunteers

We are deeply grateful for the invaluable support and commitment shown by our corporate volunteers.

Easy Care Gardening has welcomed many businesses and corporations as they seek to generously give their time to volunteering with us as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs.

“I enjoyed spending time with the team, getting out of the office and making a difference to someone’s life. It felt good to do some physical work and the garden looked so different after our clean up.

It was also a great opportunity to listen to the client’s stories about their life. I even learnt about some new plant names!”

Lulu, JAMF Corporate Volunteer

Email CorporateGardens@easycaregardening.org.au or complete the enquiry form today.

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To book a team gardening session today, simply check out the online booking system.

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Work Experience

Gain valuable on-the-job experience and learn from our team.

At Easy Care Gardening we welcome people from all walks of life. We often help people who are interested in gaining valuable “on-the-job” experience that comes with working with a team such as time management and collaboration, as well as the skills and knowledge learned from those you’re working with.

Many team members have technical knowledge in horticulture, landscaping skills and even garden sustainability practices.

Email Volunteering@easycaregardening.org.au or complete the enquiry form below.

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Student Programmes

Build essential life skills through teamwork and collaboration.

Student Programmes for Citizenship Scholar Awards and Community Placements.
We have worked with students from Macquarie University, Australian Catholic University, Notre Dame University and the University of Technology to find placements.

Many universities work with Easy Care Gardening to “grow more than plants”. We help place students in teams to provide them with opportunities to learn valuable skills such as teamwork, compassion, empathy and reliability.

Email Volunteering@easycaregardening.org.au or complete the enquiry form below.

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