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If you’re reasonably active and willing to help and have a “can-do” teamwork attitude, then you’re a perfect fit!

You will receive all the necessary training, all expenses are reimbursed, and all tools and materials are provided.

To become a volunteer simply complete the electronic Volunteer Application Form or email volunteering@easycaregardening.org.au.

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What mandatory checks and training do the volunteers need?

Before someone becomes a volunteer of Easy Care Gardening, they undergo a standard onboarding process. We run through things like volunteer and client rights, Workplace Health and Safety, and Privacy and Confidentially.

Due to the nature of our work in aged care, we must run a police check on all new volunteers, and repeat the check every three years. New volunteers get on-the-job orientation when they first sign up.

We also offer ongoing training opportunities to all our volunteers, at no cost, as they become available.

Why do you use volunteers?

Back in 1988 three community-spirited people started to assist an elderly neighbour with her garden. Soon enough the idea spread and after 6 months volunteers were looking after the gardens of 30 clients.

From these simple beginnings, Easy Care Gardening grew into the organisation it is today, servicing over 1,000 gardens a year.

We have over 300 volunteers and this is what sets Easy Care Gardening apart from other gardening services. A service delivered by volunteers has a different “feel” to it. Our volunteers are here because they want to make a positive difference. They bring energy, generosity, and community spirit with them every time they garden. Our service also more affordable as savings on labour costs can be passed on to our clients.

How often can I volunteer?

How often you volunteer is up to you! Some people come for one day a year as part of their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) days. Others volunteer multiple times a week and stay with us for years. 

We understand that volunteering needs to fit in with the other things in your life. We appreciate every hour of volunteer time that is generously contributed.

Where can I volunteer?

When completing your volunteer application, please remember to state your preferred LGA or suburb and the coordinators will confirm the available place in your chosen location.

What experience do I need?

No experience is necessary and all tools are supplied.

What do I do if we can’t find the garden/location?

Occasionally, finding the location can be tricky. If you need help finding the location please call your coordinator or the ECG office on 02 9983 1644 (Mon-Fri) or call one of your fellow volunteers. 

Do I need to stay for the whole shift?

It’s preferable if you can stay for the whole shift, but please let your coordinator know as far in advance as possible if you can only attend part of the shift.

What do we do in wet or extremely hot weather?

Usually we ask you to please wait until the morning of the shift as your coordinators will make an assessment and be in touch.

What do I need to bring to my shift?

Bring your own gloves, closed-in shoes, your ECG shirt, badge, hat, safety glasses, a cup and water bottle.

What do I wear?

In addition to your ECG shirt, wear comfortable loose clothing that you can move in as well as your own gloves, closed in shoes, badge, hat, and safety glasses.

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